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Withymead Nature Reserve

Withymead Nature Reserve is situated between Goring-on-Thames and South Stoke in Oxfordshire and is a hidden gem that appeals to naturalists, walkers, artists and families.

The nature reserve is open:
Dawn 'til Dusk - by prior arrangement only.
Contact us: info@withymead.org
01491 872265 or 07553 112447

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New Events Guide March, April and May 2014 (PDF)

Loddon Lily Open Days (PDF)

29th June - Intro to Reptiles and Amphibians - 10 til 4 - £25

19th July - Intro to Fen Hydrology and Ecology - 10 til 4 - £25


The Anne Carpmael Charitable Trust


April 2014

TVP and BRP - for all their attention today

Robert - for working hard on the gate

Richard and David - for all their hard work

Edward and all at New Hearns Art - for a lovely morning

Richard, David, and Rodney - for all their hard work today

Shirley - for crafts, cakes, bunting and all her hard work and enthusiasm

Robert, Shirley, Sarah, Will, Sarah, Richard, Fiona - for helping today at the Volunteer Recruitment Day

Michelle - for sorting the HTML today

To everyone who has helped us over the last few weeks who we have been unable to thank due to problems with the web site.

March 2014

The Dorothy Holmes Trust - for a very generous donation towards our work here...

Peta - for the shelves

Robert -  for running around, working hard, collecting things...

Richard - for helping with the willow tree

Mike - for help and general things...

Robert and Shirley - for the Monday Morning Brews Club

Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Charlotte, and Lois for their generosity on our Winter Tree ID day

Rob J and The Commodore at Goring Thames Sailing Club - for the redundant sails to clothe our teepee

Robert, Julia, Jennifer, and Green Gyms from Wallingford and Sonning Common - for making today a special day for Richard's family (Richard's Well)

Paul, Roy, Sarah, Bill and Elaine - for joining us on our regular Friday Moth Night

Peppard Building Supplies - for the generous discount

Bouchier Fencing - for their generous discount

A big thank-you to both the above - for helping us towards our new project...

Richard and Robert - for volunteering today

Robert - for all his help and hard work helping us manage the reserve

Gareth and James - for working on the boat today

Everyone who turned out today - for the Withymead Workparty


February 2014

Robert and all at Wallingford Green Gym - for working on the fence today

Robert and Shirley - for volunteering today

Thank you to everyone who came along to our 10th anniversary party

Jessica, Stephen, Will, Harriet - for working on the boat today.

Robert - for the well...

Robert again - for the circuit breaker and working on the well today

Robert - for his generosity with the fencing, and hard work today

Wallingford Green Gym - for their hard work today

Stephen, Gareth, and James - for continued work on the boat and water quality monitoring project

Neil, Maxine (and the South Chiltern's Catchment) - for an enjoyable afternoon

Richard and Robert - for their hard work today (and for getting the barn owl box up)

Paul, Peter, Bill, Elaine, and Sarah - for joining us on our regular moth trapping session

Peter - for the loan of the trail cameras (very much appreciated and very rewarding)

Mike, Bill, Richard and Robert - for all their help today

Richard, Robert, and Shirley - for all their hard work, help and advice

Isaac - for the computer fix, the generator fix, and help today fixing things

Robert and all the volunteers, (Fiona, Harriet, Michelle, Helen, Linda, Jo, Alan, Gill, Dick, Sarah, Will, Shirley, Jessica, Gareth, Stephen, James, John and Jack; for helping out today with hedging, burning, boating, brewing (tea) etc.


January 2014

Bill and Mike - for the lovely hedging work

Robert - for the cable ties and his continued hard work on the new fence

Richard and Robert - for chopping firewood and working on the new fence respectively

Jennifer and all at Wallingford Green Gym - for a wonderful work party and inviting us to their 'Christmas' lunch

Mike - for the pictures

Robert, Jessica, Stephen, Gareth, and Will - for their hard work today particularly the work on the boat and water monitoring.

John - for the donation of gate posts, tools, and yard bags

Robert and Richard - for working on the new fence

Bill and Mike - for felling the dead cherry

Richard and Linda - for volunteering today

Mike - for the bits and bobs

Robert, Richard and Shirley - for their hard work today

Peter and Friends - for the donations today and company at lunch

Tracey - for the Buddleia

Robert - for winder, spindle, and handle for the well

Elizabeth and Linda - for chopping down Laurel today

Elizabeth (again) - for the jam, marmalade and bricks!

Robert - for his hard work today on the new fence

Stephen - for his help today with water monitoring

Robert and Sonning Common Green Gym - for all their hard work today

Bill and Mike - for felling trees

Paul, Bill, and Elaine - for a very nice evening hunting moths

Robert, Lois, Sarah, Sarah, Will, and Stephen - for all their hard work today

Rodney - for the pallets

Withymead Nature Reserve

Withymead Nature Reserve is managed by the Anne Carpmael Charitable Trust.

With resident wardens, the trustees aim to provide a tranquil haven for wildlife and inspiration to visitors now and for future generations. 

Bordered by the river Thames on one side and the Ridgeway Path on the other the grounds extend to 22-acres consisting of woodland, marshland and the relics of Saunders' Boatyard, much of which has remained untouched for many years.

With the changing seasons come changes in the birdlife, flora and fauna. As one of the major ringing centres in Oxfordshire, Withymead’s results help to monitor the changing patterns of migratory birds and climate change.


Wildlife Products available.pdf

Bits'n'Bobs Required.pdf

Bat and Owl box sponsorship.pdf


Withymead 2007


The Study Centre is home to the Trust's educational programme providing space for the Wildlife Club, for 8-11yr old children, which meets every Wednesday at 6:30pm and is free to users. 

The Centre also hosts Training Courses and Events throught the year, is home for the Loddon Lily Open Days (when tea, coffee and cake can be bought), and is the home base for our regular 'Moth Nights'

Please note;-

Withymead is approached along a tranquil private track with beautiful views over the Thames, it is popular with walkers and horse riders.  There is a 5 mph restriction on the track for the safety of all users and to preserve that tranquility.

Visitors are requested to respect this - Thank You.

The Anne Carpmael Charitable trust is dependent on the generosity of Friends, Volunteers, and Visitors to the reserve - visitors to the web site can also help us:-