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Withymead Nature Reserve

Withymead Nature Reserve is situated between Goring-on-Thames and South Stoke in Oxfordshire and is a hidden gem that appeals to naturalists, walkers, artists and families.

The nature reserve is open:
Dawn 'til Dusk - by prior arrangement only.
Contact us: info@withymead.org
01491 872265, 01491 875357 or 07553 112447

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The Anne Carpmael Charitable Trust


March 2015

Will - for his help this evening

Wallingford Green Gym - for a fantastic day tidying

Shirley - for the Monday Morning Brews Club

John S - for mini clip-boards

Chance - for help with the finances

Tiegan, Charlotte, Bill, and Elaine - for joining us today and for their generosity

Robert - for his continuing help around the reserve

Fiona and Kathy - for their work on the Newsletter

Claire and Jamie - for the goodies (much appreciated)

Mike - for the hedge plants, and planting

Will - for all his help this evening

Tom and Lisa - For topping nettles at Little Meadow

Shirley - for the Monday Morning Brews Club, and for the plants for the Pet Memorial Garden

Peter - for all his time and interest today

Dorothy Holmes Trust - for their continuing generosity

Tom - for the saplings

Rebecca - for helping with the H+S issues today, and offering to help on our forthcoming Loddon Lily Open Days

Martin - for becoming a Friend

Mike and Bill - for hedge laying today

Robert - for all his work today and every day

Robert and Shirley - The Monday Morning Brews Club

Chance and Graham - for accounting and things

Everyone who sponsored our Mother's Day bulbs - for their generousity

Lois, Steve, and Davina - for the generous donation

Mike R - for the taxidermy and plants...

Robert, Gill, and Christine - for all there hard work removing Laural...

Peter M - for the safety specs and other very useful goodies

Will - for cleaning and preparing the fish tanks

Wallingford Green Gym - for their rotorvating, raking, and sowing at Tara's Piece; and for helping felling trees at Withymead

Robert and Shirley - for being the MONDAY MORNING BREWS CLUB

Janet and Helen - for help on the funding bid

Robert and everyone who turned up at Little Meadow today - for all their hard work

Isaac - for fixing the Allen Scythe

Rebecca - for working at the risk assessment

Paul, Roy, Ian, Bill, and Elaine - for joining us on Moth Night

Elaine and Lisa - for crafts and generosity

Peter - for help and advice, pots and tools

Robert - for helping with the logging

Will - for preparing another fish tank

Robert - for the Springfield Works gate

Sara and the National Trails Team - for popping in to rake and mow the reed-fen

Robert and Shirley - for putting up the Barn Owl Box

Robert - for building and erecting the Sparrow Terrace

Tiegan - especially for donating the Bird Box Camera

Chris - for donating the television we will use to view the tenants in the box

February 2015

Hannah and Niamh - for cleaning the fish tanks

Sonning Common Green Gym - for all their hard work today

Robert - for all his help over the last week

Peter - for help, advice, and fundraising

Heather, Shirley, Robert, and Will - for helping around the reserve and gardens

Chance and Graham - for helping with the books

Sarah - for more work on the Forum

Paul R - for a generous financial donation

Kathy and family - for donating the bird box camera

Robert, Will and Shirley - for all their work today (especially planting Hazel and cleaning fish tanks)

Sarah - for setting up the NEW Forum

Kathy, Scott, Tiegan, Charlotte, and Robert for clearing trees and planting Hazel in the rain today

Kathy, Scott, Tiegan and Charlotte - for all their hard work today

Rebecca - for helping with H and S issues

Robert - for donating Hazel plants

Richard and Robert - for all their help today

Pam - for her garden bird records

Will - for working on the Duck Mussel display

Robert - for all the work on the Pet Memorial Garden

Chance and Graham - for their help today

Peter - for gifts, company, and help and advice today

Shirley, Heather, and Robert - for being the Monday Morning Brews Club

Paul, Roy, Elaine and Bill - for joining us on Moth Night

Withymead Volunteers - for all their help today

Wallingford Green Gym - for braving the snow to help us today

Robert - likewise

Heather, Fiona, and Robert - for being the Monday Morning Brews Club

January 2015

Jo and Alan - For all their help and advice today on 'Friends of...'

Fiona and Kathy - for working on the newsletter

Peter - for his company, help, and advice

Robert - for all his hard work on the boardwalk today

Chance and Graham - for all their help today

Robert, Shirley, and Heather - for being the Monday Morning Brews Club

Robert, Kathy, Charlotte, Tiegan, Jess, Shirley and Will - for joining us today to paint a picket fence for our Pet Memorial Garden

Robert and Heather - for the Monday Morning Brews Club

Amanda and all at Oxfordshire Mammal Group - for the Great Nut Hunt at Little Meadow

And all our own volunteers - for joining us

Robert - for planting the Hazel

Richard - for helping to fell trees for the Sand Martin Project

Robert - for planting a hedgerow

Shirley, Robert, Dot and (new signing) Heather - for being the 'Monday Morning Brews Club'

Peter - for advice and goodies

Robert - for working hard today shifting lop'n'top

Jamie - for the load of wood chip

EA and Neil - for help and advice

Robert - for creating a new fence

Richard and Dave - for felling trees

Robert - for all his help today

Peter - for his help and gifts

Robert and the Withymead Volunteers - for planting the last of the hedgerow and for keeping the bonfire burning

Paul, Roy, Bill, and Elain - for helping us to catch a moth!

Sonning Common Green Gym - for planting a hedgerow

Anne and Terry - for joining us on the task

Robert - for all his hard work today and in preparation over the past few weeks

Withymead Nature Reserve

Withymead Nature Reserve and Little Meadow Nature Reserve are owned and managed by the Anne Carpmael Charitable Trust.

Britain's wildlife may seem wonderful, but it is also in decline.

State of Nature.pdf

Wither Biodiversity.pdf

We aim to boost local wildlife directly, with practical nature conservation efforts; and indirectly, by inspiring people to enjoy nature and join in our quest to save it.

We host two beautiful nature reserves; run a Wildlife Club for children; and put on events and training courses for the public.

An enthusiastic band of volunteers bring a diverse range of skills and experience to help us; carrying out practical works, such as tree felling, reed cutting, and working on the various structures around the reserve; helping with surveys and monitoring, water quality, species recording and so on.

Volunteers also help with administrative tasks, producing newsletters, helping on the web-site, and most importantly - fund-raising...

Contact us to become part of our team which can make a real difference for our natural heritage.

Withymead, known for its natural heritage, is also home to an important part of our industrial heritage (look to the 'History' page for the story...)


Wildlife Products available

Bits'n'Bobs Required

Bat and Owl box sponsorship


Withymead 2007


NOW OPEN 9:00am 'til 1:00pm Monday and Wednesday

The Study Centre is home to the Trust's educational programme providing space for the Wildlife Club, for 8-11yr old children, which meets every Wednesday at 6:30pm and is free to users. 

There is currently a waiting list to join the club.

The Centre also hosts Training Courses and Events throughout the year, is home for the Loddon Lily Open Days (when tea, coffee and cake can be bought), and is the home base for our regular 'Moth Nights'

There is now new access to the Study Centre off the Bridleway (constructed by Robert, one of our key volunteers).

Please note;-

Withymead is approached along a tranquil private track with beautiful views over the Thames, it is popular with walkers and horse riders.  There is a 5 mph restriction on the track for the safety of all users and to preserve that tranquility.

Visitors are requested to respect this - Thank You.

The Anne Carpmael Charitable trust is dependent on the generosity of Friends, Volunteers, and Visitors to the reserve - visitors to the web site can also help us:-